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How does Candidiasis develop?

A Candida overgrowth usually starts by the introduction of one or more of the following lifestyle factors to the body.

When any prescription drug is taken, it passes through the stomach into the gut where it is broken down. The properties of the drug are absorbed through the gut wall directly into the blood stream and travel to the site of infection or pain. These drugs change the balance of microflora in the gut by killing off our friendly bacteria and so encouraging the growth of Candida. Our western diet is rich in sugar and yeasty foods which encourage and support the growth of Candida.

The gut is designed to process nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, animal fats and proteins, NOT powerful chemicals in the form of prescription drugs. Once the gut is compromised and Candida allowed to flourish it can become so dominant it turns from a fungal form into a myceil form. It then grows root like tentacles which bury into the gut wall penetrating directly into the bloodstream. Now Candida and faecal matter is able to pass from the gut directly into the blood stream and begins to circulate throughout the whole body. Candida has now become systemic and is referred to as Candidaisis. In addition to this problem minute food particles can now pass out of the gut into the blood stream causing food intolerances and allergies. The doctors call this Gut Dysbiosis or Leaky Gut Syndrome, which can lead to many health problems ranging from simple infections to difficult degenerative diseases.

As a result of the above, the symptoms of Candidiasis can be many and varied. The Candida fungus now circulating around the body can set up host anywhere and start breeding and growing on, or in any organ. This can lead to long term health damage, a compromised immune system, and a downward spiral of continuous ill health usually necessitating prescription drugs and or surgery.


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