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Candida Diet

As diet plays a significant role in encouraging a candida overgrowth, it must play an equally important role in the treatment of Candida.

Dietary Antagonists To A Candida Problem

Irrespective of any food intolerances there are four foods which will cause any Candida sufferer problems. These are SUGAR, YEAST, GARLIC, & MUSHROOMS. These either feed Candida and encourage growth or antagonise Candida which increases unpleasant symptoms. They MUST be avoided if possible for 12 weeks, but absolutely for four weeks.

The Diet Made Simple

Because we are all biochemically different, you must create your own diet/meal plan whilst on a treatment program. We will give you guidelines. You should take a Food Intolerance Test to conclude exactly which foods you are intolerant to (as consumption of these will delay gut healing). You must then avoid eating both the candida antagonists (yeast, sugar, garlic and mushrooms) aswell as any foods you are intolerant to.

Cooking from scratch is by far the easiest way to follow the diet as you then have control over what you are eating. When eating out make the best choices you can, remembering that plain grilled food is going to be favourite - no dressings/sauces. If invited to a friends tell them what is best for you - people are much more understanding these days- or scrape off/do not eat what you should not when put in front of you. Do the best you can.

You make your own diet. You have choices. Exercise them, there is no excuse not to. Do not focus on what you CAN T have - focus on what you CAN have. THIS IS NOT FOREVER, its only a few weeks of your life!

Write out a list of your favourite meals/foods for breakfast/lunch/dinner and eliminate the ones you cannot have. If necessary add in any secondary choices. Build a meal plan around those choices. Be creative.

Handy Hints

  • Limit fruit to a maximum of three pieces a day, less if you can.
  • Drink a litre of water a day but not more then two and a half litres.
  • Make up meals ahead of time as you tend to cheat when starving hungry. Soups made with yeast free stock cubes are a life saver.
  • Use herbs and spices to pep up plain food.
  • Try and reduce coffee or tea to no more than 3 cups a day total.

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