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Bad Breath

Definition: A pungent odour from the mouth.

Typical Complaints: A metallic taste in the mouth. Other people noticing a pungent smell when you speak.

BAD BREATH and its relationship to CANDIDA: Bad breath can stem from a fungal overgrowth in the gut and gastro intestinal tract. Candida is a fungus and when it becomes systemic (it buries through the gut wall and enters the blood stream) it leaves tiny holes in the gut wall which then allows product and fungus from the bowel into the blood stream. Doctors call this Gut Dysbiosis. Once the Candida passes into the blood it can circulate around the body setting up host in any part of you. Candida thrives in dark, moist places and so the mouth, throat and gastro intestinal tract are ideal breeding grounds where it can replicate at an alarming pace. Sometimes you can see a thick white coating on the tongue. Candida often leads to constipation, which can also contributes to the problem of bad breath due to the build up of toxins in the gut.

If the gut problem were eradicated, bad breath would cease to be a problem.

The Healing Process: First we must eradicate the fungal overgrowth from the gut and the blood stream through Our Candida Program in order to regain a healthy environment in our bowel and gastro intestinal tract where fermentation is reduced and thus odours are eliminated. Once the Candida is killed off in the mouth and throat bad breath should cease to exist. Also use Citricidal liquid as a mouthwash as this has excellent anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

After completing Phase One of your Candida Program you can chose to include our specific remedy to help with your bad breath. The reason we wait until the end of Phase 1 is that your symptoms may completely disappear just by ridding your body of the overgrowth of Candida. This often happens. If however, you have some residual symptoms then we advise you take our specific remedy available below which may help further.

Step 1: Candida Treatment Program

Step 2: Supplement with our remedy for bad breath.

Citricidal Grapeseed Extract

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