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Panic Attacks/Anxiety

Definition: A disorder of the endocrine system which results in an over active metabolic rate and a speeding up all the body’s processes, giving rise to a feeling of nervous tension and anxiety.

Typical Complaints: nervousness, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, feeling hot, increased perspiration, frequent bowel movements, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, hand tremors, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest pain, hyperventilating.

Candida relationship: The endocrine system is responsible for all our hormone function including our Thyroid gland which is responsible for our metabolic rate. When Candida becomes systemic it buries through the gut wall and enters the blood stream and begins circulating throughout the body. Here it can wreak havoc with our hormones interfering with delicate receptors thus causing imbalances and disruption of normal hormonal function. This imbalance of hormones can lead to the thyroid becoming over active which will result in presenting with the symptoms associated with panic attacks and anxiety.

Healing: Once the Candida is killed off in the gut and the blood stream by undertaking our Candida Program, hormones are able return to normal function and regain their delicate balance and anxiety and panic attacks will no longer be a problem. If your anxiety is severe you may need to undertake our Stress Relief Programme alongside your Candida Programme to give more immediate relief.

Step 1: Candida Treatment Program

Step 2: Stress Relief Programme

Oats and Passiflora herbal complex is a must for anyone suffering anxiety, as it calms the body whilst strengthening the nervous system. Magnesium is lost through stress and is vital for enabling the body to relax. . The B Vitamins are vital for the bodys nervous system, and are often deficient in Candida sufferers.

Oat and Passiflora Complex

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Vitamin B 50 Complex

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