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Muscle and Joint Pain

Definition: A rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic achy muscular or joint pain that has no obvious physical cause and can occur anywhere in the body.

Typical Complaints: burning, throbbing, shooting, stabbing pain and stiffness. Activites such as climbing stairs and lifting things are often difficult and painful. Can be tender to the touch,

Candida relationship: When Candida becomes systemic (it buries through the gut wall and enters the blood stream) it leaves tiny holes in the gut wall which then allow product from the bowel into the blood stream. This is what doctors call gut disbiosis. This sets our body’s alarm bells ringing as product from the bowel has entered the sterile environment of the blood stream and the risk of contamination becomes the primary focus. In addition to this emergency, the holes also allow tiny food particles from the intestines to pass into the blood which we know can produce food sensitivities or intolerances, which in turn provoke an inflammatory response in the body. This response engages the body’s policing system into ridding the offending antigens and thus the immune system becomes compromised. This means that opportunistic viral and bacterial infections become common place and whilst our body continually fights off invading debris and food particles from the bowel it is unable to fend off or deal with any other inflammatory response the body may encounter and so muscle and joint pain results.

Healing: First we must eradicate Candida from the gut and the blood stream. Once this has been achieved through our Candida Program we then begin to heal the gut wall thus ceasing the continual leaking of product and fungus from the bowel into the blood stream. Without these invading antigens the body will not have any inflammatory responses such as muscle and joint pain and ensures the immune system restores itself.

Step 1: Candida Treatment Program

Step 2: Muscle & Joint Herbal Formula

Muscle and Joint Formula

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