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Weight Gain

Definition: The inability to loose weight and an increase in weight for no particular reason.

Typical Complaints:The weight gain mentioned here is where no matter how little you eat, or how much you exercise or diet, you cannot shift even a couple of pounds.

Weight Gain and its relationship to CANDIDA: When Candida becomes systemic (it buries through the gut wall and enters the blood stream) it leaves tiny holes in the gut wall which then allow product from the bowel into the blood stream. This is what doctors call Gut Dysbiosis. This sets our body’s alarm bells ringing as product from the bowel has entered the sterile environment of the blood stream and the risk of contamination becomes the primary focus.

In addition to this emergency, the holes also allow tiny food particles from the intestines to pass into the blood which we know can produce food sensitivities, which in turn provoke an inflammatory response in the body. This response engages the body’s policing system into ridding the offending antigens and our body continually fights off invading debris and food particles from the bowel. This ongoing process interferes with the body’s ability to metabolize food efficiently and thus the metabolic rate is reduced and the body is unable to burn off fuel at the level it should. If the metabolic rate is slowed down the body will gain weight.

If the gut problem were eradicated the body would be able to metabolize food more efficiently and thus the metabolic rate would be increased and the weight would decrease even if you were consuming more food and doing less exercise.

The Healing Process:Once the overgrowth of Candida has been eradicated through our Candida Program and the gut wall healed, the body’s metabolic rate should increase and weight should decrease especially when dieting or exercising in conjunction with the Candida Program. 70% of people who undertake our Candida Program loose on average 14 pounds in 8 weeks. 10% loose 28 pounds in 8 weeks and 20% loose anything between 5 and 14 pounds.

After completing Phase Two of your Candida Program you can chose to include our specific remedies to help with your weight loss. The reason we wait until Phase 2 is that you may have already dropped 14 pounds and are satisfied with that, just by ridding your body of the overgrowth of Candida. This often happens. If however, you have not lost the required amount of weight advise you take our Specific weight loss remedies available below which may help.

Step 1: Candida Program

Step 2: Supplement with weight loss remedies.

Detox Formula: Helps reduce water retention and excessive fluid in the body.

Kelp: Helps speed up the metabolism

Detox Formula

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